Start-up for kids

During the “Start-up for kids” event, which attracts thousands of people every year, both in person and remotely (listening to the podcast online and offline), the AILE platform was presented by école2demain. This presentation took place in public on September 25 at the Supélec school in Saclay. Under the broader question “How to promote the inclusion of disabled people through innovation?”, école2demain discussed the strengths of the European platform.

For example, its native adaptations – i.e., those that do not require any additional compensation tools – which allow for the visual adaptation of texts and voice synthesis, is a real step forward in terms of inclusion. Moreover, the adaptations are chosen by the pupils/children (according to the school or out-of-school context) and by the adults in order to facilitate the entry into learning of pupils/children with temporary or long-lasting difficulties. Consequently, it is possible for a teacher to propose activities in class to a group of students to work on a notion approached together by allowing each of these students to choose the visual aspect that suits them best: a larger line spacing, an increased distance between words, a colorization of syllables, listening to the instructions or the words… ? In short, no more stigma for a student who has these needs by being alone to use a computer and a precious help for those who are relieved
The answer to the central question was therefore to promote the inclusion of disabled people through innovation

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